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Let Us Help: What Your Officiant Wants You to Know

Image of couple in wedding with officiant.
Professional officiants look for ways to ease the stress of wedding planning and to give you a ceremony that celebrates your unique relationship.

Your officiant is a wedding pro who prepares a ceremony tailored to you and then conducts that ceremony for you and your guests. We bring a lot of experience and knowledge to the table, as well as a genuine desire to give you a superb experience; we’re here to help.

Authentic Desire

We have an authentic desire to give you a ceremony experience that resonates with you, expresses your relationship, and maybe just evokes a happy tear. Helping you is stitched into the fabric of what we do.

When it comes to wedding planning, it’s a ton of work. Your team—your planner or coordinator, your DJ, caterer, etc.—are all here to assist you; your officiant is no different. You can lean on us when it comes to organizing your ceremony, coming up with ideas of what to include, finding readings, and more. It’s what we’re here for. Professional officiants want you to be happy, have fun, and feel comfortable, both during planning and at the ceremony itself. We sweat the details for you.

Be At Ease

Feel free to tell us whatever you are thinking. In fact, it helps us in planning and crafting your ceremony. It is important that your ceremony is a genuine reflection of you as a couple. It should honor your personalities and showcase the parts of your relationship that make it strong and unique. Make no mistake, this is not to suggest that you must reveal the intimate aspects of your relationship that you prefer to save for the two of you; think of this as permission to tell us what really matters to you. Nothing is too small nor is anything ‘silly’ or unimportant. If it matters to you, it matters to us. We want you to feel safe trusting us, and if you have hesitation, you can tell us about that, too.

Anxiety is totally normal and expected during wedding planning. That anxiety sure can take the fun out of it! Let us take on some of that for you. We can help in several ways. The first is to simply reassure you that everything is on schedule and coming together as desired or encouraging you with things that need to come up to speed. We have done this many, many times, giving us a good sense of the process. Next, we can take on some of the work for you. Not sure what reading you’d like in your ceremony? Let us suggest some. Writer’s block with your vows? We are happy to help you brainstorm. And finally, we can draw on our experience to provide answers to lingering questions so you can tie up loose ends.

We Love Creativity

Everybody’s sat through a dry, rote ceremony. That is the last thing we want for you. We love being creative. Whether it’s thinking of a synonym for ‘love’ or finding the perfect way to include your niece playing the flute in your ceremony, we have ideas! Telling your story in a way that shows your relationship personality to your guests is important and we relish the opportunity to do so with flair.

You can share your dreams with us. Would you prefer to blow bubbles together rather than exchange rings? You got it! Finding the perfect words to express why that is important to you is exactly what we like. Your guests will see a side of your relationship unlike any other, and they’ll love it!

Wrap Up

We exercise our creative muscle to reflect you two in your wedding. Standing up in front of loved ones is a time to celebrate, and we want to take on as much as we can to leave you free to shine. Professional officiants want you to have the time of your lives in your ceremony.

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