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Your relationship is fun and unique, and your ceremony should be, too!


I founded Vibrant Ceremonies after seeing too many ceremonies that were stilted and impersonal. I get to know the couples I work with so that I can tailor their ceremony to their personalities, and I work hard to take the stress out of the planning process.

I love working with couples of all stripes: local or out-of-town, bride-groom or same-sex, religious or secular.

Meet Peter
Peter and Shelby

I'm Peter Roehrich and I love weddings. They are a day to celebrate the unique bond that two people have formed. They should be warm, fun, and personal. I fondly remember the first wedding I officiated. Long time friends gave me the honor of conducting their ceremony and I was bitten by the bug; what made it such a pleasure was having the opportunity to help two people celebrate their relationship in the way that meant the most to them. I hope you'll let me do the same for you. (I promise I won't bring my dog to the ceremony!)

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