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Something Weird: It Will Happen to You

Image of couple on boardwalk over bay celebrating wedding.
This couple's windy wedding led to the bride's veil blowing away!

Did you know that something weird will, more likely than not, happen at your wedding? What would you think if it happened during your ceremony? I’m here to tell you that it happens all the time. Usually too funny to be a detraction, or even so small that most guests don’t notice, it will happen to you, too. In my career as an officiant, I have had a front row seat to some of these unusual, unexpected occurrences. Here are a few of my favorite.

On a breezy spring afternoon overlooking the Chesapeake Bay the wedding party processed in. Rays of sun sparkled as they reflected off the waves. As the music changed the bride came around the corner and down the aisle. The groom, smitten, smiled at his love. Reaching the end of the aisle, she turned to kiss her father’s cheek, pass her bouquet, and face her soon to be husband. Without warning the wind picked up, grabbing her veil, and carrying it away. With cat-like reflexes, the best man snatched it out of the air, holding it for the rest of the ceremony.

Imagine the intimacy of a wedding in the corner of a small downtown café. It was a lovely venue with walls of exposed stacked stone, visible rafters, and lights strung overhead. The couple stood at the front with their small wedding party, a flower girl, and a ring bearer. The ring bearer, about two years old and wearing a bow tie, had some hesitancy about putting on his suspenders and pants in the lead up to the ceremony. Having such a young child in a ceremony is always charming, but a wildcard. He made it down the aisle just fine; the procession is often a stumbling block for young kids. About halfway through the ceremony he’d had it with the pants—down they went! The young man’s father, seated in the front row, leapt up and collected him before a meltdown could occur.

At a ceremony in Frederick mist was lightly coming down on an outdoor wedding, although not enough to force a move inside. The aisle, before reaching the front, split to go around a gorgeous rectangular fountain. And this is where the irregularity comes in. For in coming down the aisle, the flower girl decided to walk along the groom’s side of the fountain, turn at the front, and walk back up the opposite side, casting flower petals all along. Then she did it again. And again. She stole the show. Positively adorable!

Were these events unexpected? Yes. Did they ruin the moment? Not at all (indeed, these are gold for photographers!). The couples in each of these instances had great senses of humor and they were in the moment, having fun celebrating their love.

I give each of my client couples a ‘pep talk’ in the days running up to the ceremony. I tell them to expect something to happen that they don’t plan on. I also suggest that they simply roll with it. After all, they’re getting married, and that is what matters! And with that I implore you to smile at your almost-spouse, whisper ‘I love you’, and savor the moment.

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