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Wed on A Weekday

Image of wedding in living room.
Weekday weddings are great in so many ways!

We think of weddings as weekend occasions. And that's for good reason; if you plan on your guests dancing the night away, if they come from far away, or have a work schedule that doesn't allow for much time off, then a weekend wedding might just be a necessity. On the other hand, a weekday wedding is perfect for a lot of couples, and that's for many reasons. Read on!

Open Dates

A great reason to hold a weekday wedding is that it might slot into guest schedules better when social calendars are full. Imagine you are getting married in October, and between your friends and your guests’ friends there are six other weddings that month (did you know October is the busiest wedding month?). A weekday wedding might solve the problem of competing events for you and your guests.

Available dates extends beyond your guests’ calendars. Vendors tend to book in advance for popular dates (think May and October weekends), but often remain available much later on weekdays with much less demand. For example, I book as much as a year in advance for popular weekends, but can accommodate weekday ceremonies with something more like a week’s notice much of the year.


Weekday weddings tend to be small. The reason is simple: guests are more likely to have work commitments and might have a harder time arranging childcare. For out of town guests this might mean talking four days of leave from work, versus perhaps one day with a weekend wedding, further limiting attendance.

All of this is ok!

At large, say 150 person, gatherings you'll have a very small amount of one-to-one time with each guest. What's more, at a large wedding you might not even talk to every guest. On the other hand, a wedding with 25 guests will allow you to spend time talking with each guest in a meaningful way. Will you remember each of the conversations? Probably not, but you'll remember the sense of connection you'll feel with your closest family and friends.

Is the 25th of the month an important date for you? Maybe it's the date you met. Why not let your guests share the specialness of the day with you, regardless of the day of the week it falls on?


When you choose a weekday wedding you can realize great savings. This happens for a few reasons.

First, weekday weddings tend to be shorter (and I am referring here to both the ceremony and reception). With guests needing to care for kids or having to work the next day, they just don't stay as late. This means fewer hours of photography, for example.

Next, Monday through Thursday are typically off-peak days for wedding vendors. You may be able to hire your wedding team for a lower cost.

Finally, smaller means cheaper. Renting a private room at your favorite local restaurant will cost you less than holding your reception at a rented hall. A restaurant may even allow a small party to order off the regular menu rather than the group menu.

Case Study

My husband and I held an intimate ceremony and reception with fewer than 15 guests. We exchanged vows in an historic park. Our photographer gave us an incredible quote, as did the chair rental company and string duet. We held our reception at a local restaurant, one we loved, where we were able to sit in the dining room and order off the dinner menu. With a short guest list virtually everyone has a front row seat at the ceremony. We were able to genuinely connect with all at the reception and were able to give them hand made favors.

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